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Are you over 40 and afraid of aging? If you do nothing to prevent it, you should be… unfortunately as you move into midlife, your body will begin to accelerate aging.

Would you like to find out what you could do today to physically prevent accelerated aging during mid life?

Professional help is available to you. A good place to start is to get educated on what you can be doing to slow down or reverse aging with these 3 ESSENTIALS adapted from a section of the T2A Combat Aging PHYSICAL sector.

Get this PDF and watch the video where JJ discusses 9 essential elements that you should be doing to PREVENT ACCELERATED PHYSICAL AGING today.

What Is T2A Combat Aging System?

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Start Living the Ageless, Limitless, Athlete of your Life 

2. Listen To JJ Discussing Combat Aging

Start Living the Ageless, Limitless, Athlete of your Life 

Age Is No Barrier!

There is good reason why JJ Armstrong’s specialist training system is called COMBAT AGING which she delivers via her flagship Transform 2 Alpha.

In essence she teaches that it is never too late to do something about your fitness, body weight or health.

In fact for those reading this who are 40 or over, she will emphasize how it is essential for you to learn how to take control of your body and health before aging takes control over you!

So if you are hesitating, fill out the application form to get on a call with JJ to find out what you need to do to begin taking back control.

You can also listen to JJ being interviewed on a recent podcast for mature women – click or download to listen now.

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Begin Living the Ageless, Limitless, Athlete of your Life 


1. Combat Aging

T2A Combat Aging Creator

JJ Armstrong M.Sc. is an International Consultant, Trainer and the founder of Transform2Alpha, T2A COMBAT AGING and Alpha Retreats.

As a former Military Physical Training Instructor, Ex Special Forces and  Exercise Physiologist, JJ specialises in combating aging physically, mentally and through Alpha lifestyle transformation.

In addition to operating businesses, creating and delivering scientific life changing courses, JJ is also a highly sought after consultant whose work has impacted over 60,000 clients, soldiers and personal trainers across the UK, United States, Europe and Worldwide.

Like a cross between a personal development program and Military Special OP’s training, T2A Combat Aging sends you on a mission to uncover and morph into the idealized version of yourself.

The concept stems from JJs vision of a self-actualized version of you that exists as a guide whom you can communicate with as you apply scientifically based methods to transform your body, mind and life.

Transform2Alpha is the culmination of 30+ years of experience and insights, all delivered in the most efficient way possible.

The Combat Aging programme is specifically designed for those in midlife that seek strategies to protect against the accelerated aging effects of hormonal changes (namely menopause or andropause for males).

Her message for you is you MUST act now to stop accelerated aging in its tracks and ensure you are following a path that will guarantee results.

In midlife, it is crucial that you don’t waste yet more time doing something that will not provide long term success.

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